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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Sero-prevalence of Rubella Antibodies in Pregnant Women with Bad Obstetric History Attending A Rural Tertiary Care Hospital in West Bengal, IndiaChattopadhyay, S; Biswas, T; Chakraborty, B; Mukherjee, T; Ghosh, P; Mondal, R
Jul-2019A Study of Efficacy and Tolerability of Rosehip Extract (Gopo) vs. Ibuprofen (a nsaid) in Treatment of Osteoarthritis in Weight Bearing JointsLal, H; Singh, H; Sandhu, KS; Sehgal, VK
Jul-2019Comparative Study to Evaluate Efficacy, Safety and Quality of Life of Metoprolol and Telmisartan versus Metoprolol and Ramipril in Patients of HypertensionArora, S; Sehgal, VK; Singh, J; Singh, H
Jul-2019A Study of Prescribing Pattern in Patients of HypertensionHaq, F; Singh, H; Sehgal, VK; Kumar, S; Kaur, A
Jul-2019A Pharmacoeconomic Analysis to Determine the Relative Cost-effectiveness of Timolol 0.5%, Brinzolamide 1% and Brimonidine 0.2% Eye Drops in Treatment of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma/Ocular HypertensionSehgal, VK; Vashisht, T; Singh, G; Sharma, N
Jul-2019Comparative Analysis of Efficacy and Safety of Gabapentin Vs Amitriptyline in Patients of Peripheral Neuropathic Pain in Case of Diabetes MellitusKaur, R; Sehgal, VK; Sibia, RPS; Kaur, A; Kumar, A
Jul-2019A Peripheral Smear Finding Beyond Cells: Cryoglobulins in a Case of Lymphoplasmacytic LymphomaKarthika, KV; Tripathi, P; Pati, H; Saxena, R
Jul-2019Study of Aesthetic Components of Smile in North Indian MalesGoel, A; Delmotra, P; Goel, V; Shivhare, G; Chandel, R
Jul-2019Effectiveness of Kampo Medicines Against Intractable Stomatitis: A Mini-ReviewMomota, Y; Takano, H; Azuma, M
Jul-2019Detection of Extended-Spectrum Beta Lactamases and AmpC Beta Lactamases Producing Uropathogenic Escherichia coli in a Tertiary Care HospitalBakshi, R; Sehgal, VK; Kansal, P; Kaur, S
Jul-2019Morphometric Variation of Adult Human Clavicle - A Tool for Gender DeterminationDehiya, A; Agnihotri, G; Sharma, RK
Jul-2018Pulmonary Sarcomatoid CarcinomaSharma, M
Jul-2018Drug Delivery Through Blood Brain Barrier: Taming the Bottleneck in CNS TherapeuticsSehgal, VK; Singla, R
Jul-2018Study on Gender Specific Variability of Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary and Depression Related Non Motor Symptoms of Parkinson DiseaseDehiyan, A; Singh, S
Jul-2018Increasing Caesarean Rates: Analysis of Indications and Possible InterventionsKaur, S
Jul-2018Prevalence of Risk Factors of Non-Communicable Diseases in a Rural Population of Eastern Uttar PradeshAgarwal, D; Ahmad, S; Singh, JV; Shukla, M; Kori, B; Garg, A
Jul-2018Effectiveness of Use of Ultraviolet Sanitizing Devices for Reduction of Bacterial Colonies on ToothbrushesPasiga, BD
Feb-2017Pathobiological Characteristics of Intestinal and Diffuse-Type of Gastric Carcinoma-Retrospective Study of Gastric CancersPriyadharshini, M; Narmadha, R; Dhanalakshmi, S; Natarajan, R; Subitha, S,; Suganthi, C; Padmavathy
Feb-2017A Study of Prevalence of Aerobic Bacteria and Fungi in Sputum Specimens of Patients with Post Tubercular BronchiectasisKumar, G S; Lal, S B; Laxmikanth, M
Feb-2017Clinical Profile of Subclinical Hypothyroidism:A Retrospective StudyShetty, M; Adiraju, K P; Modugu, N R
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 344