Total Bilateral Extraperitoneal Varicocelectomy with Hernioplasty

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A varicocele is a dilation of veins within the pampiniform plexus and affects 15% of males worldwide. It often occurs during puberty and gets worse with age. There are 3 grades of varicoceles. Grade 1 and 2 varicoceles are tiny and challenging to find without the help of a medical expert. Varicoceles of grade 3 are easily palpable and frequently visible. When standing upright, they may feel like a sack of worms around the testicles or may give the impression that one testicle is larger than the other. The testicles and scrotum may experience a mild ache from larger varicoceles. Physical examination is used to make the diagnosis; grade 1 and 2 conditions are typically detected with color doppler ultrasonography.
Kaistha K, Gupta S. Total Bilateral Extraperitoneal Varicocelectomy with Hernioplasty. J Clin Med Res. 2023;5(4):134-137.