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Title: Sialo-odontogenic cyst--a case report.
Authors: Babburi, Suresh
Krishnan, P Anitha
Sundharam, B Sivapatha
Issue Date: 27-Oct-2003
Citation: Babburi S, Krishnan PA, Sundharam BS. Sialo-odontogenic cyst--a case report. Indian Journal of Dental Research. 2003 Oct-Dec; 14(4): 298-300
Abstract: Sialo-odontogenic cyst is an uncommon cyst of odontogenic origin that occurs in the tooth bearing areas of the jaws. These lesions are histopathologically unique, biologically aggressive and may sometimes warrant distinction from central muco-epidermoid carcinoma and botryoid variant of the lateral odontogenic cyst. Sialo-odontogenic cysts tend to recur and various factors are quoted for their recurrence viz., the presence of microcysts, thin connective tissue wall, etc. We are herewith reporting a case of sialo-odontogenic cyst for its relative rarity among the odontogenic cysts.
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