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Title: ENT Manifestations in Pregnancy.
Authors: Suri, Anil
Bhagat, B R
Gadgotra, Pooja
Kishore, Kamal
Kotwal, Sunil
Keywords: ENT Manifestations
Otological Conditions
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Citation: Anil Suri1,B R Bhagat, Pooja Gadgotra, Kamal Kishore, Sunil Kotwal. ENT Manifestations in Pregnancy. JK Science Journal of Medical Education and Research. 2016 Apr-Jun;18(2): 85-88.
Abstract: A hospital based cross-sectional study to evaluate the ENT manifestations in pregnancy included 100 pregnant women attending departments of Obst & Gynae and ENT, SMGS Hospital, GMC Jammu for ENT manifestations. In the present study, majority of pregnant women were primigravidas in age group of 21-30 years and mostly reported in third trimester. Out of 49 cases diagnosed with otological conditions, tinnitus was found in 10 cases (20.4%), ET dysfunction in 10 cases (20.4%) and least common was otosclerosis in only one case (2%). Out of 52 cases diagnosed with rhinological conditions, most common condition was epistaxis in 22 cases (42.36%), rhinitis in 15 cases (28.8%) and only one case (1.9%) of nasal pyogenic granuloma. Out of 30 cases diagnosed with laryngopharyngeal and esophageal condition, GERD was most common i.e. in 29 cases (96.6%) and dysphonia in only one case (3.33%). Out of 100, 11 cases were related to neck, out of which hypothyroidism was most common i.e in 7 cases (63.6%). Out of 100, 17 pregnant women were reported with oral cavity conditions with 8 cases (47%) of dysguesia, 2 cases (11.7%) of ulcerative stomatitis, 1 case each of gingivitis, pyogenic granuloma palate, pyogenic granuloma of gingiva, submandibular abscess and Parotid abscess. The changed hormonal milieu during pregnancy causes otological conditions leading to hearing impairment, epistaxis, rhinitis , GERD etc. Hypothyroidism is common as our area falls in the area of goiter belt.
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