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Title: Clinical, Radiological and Histological profile of Primary Lung Carcinomas.
Authors: Gupta, Rahul
Chowdhary, Ishfaq
Singh, Pritpal
Keywords: Lung cancer
Radiographic patterns
Histologic types
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Citation: Rahul Gupta, Ishfaq Chowdhary, Pritpal Singh. Clinical, Radiological and Histological profile of Primary Lung Carcinomas. JK Science Journal of Medical Education and Research. 2015 Jul-Sept. 17(3): 146-151.
Abstract: The present prospective study was conducted on 170 patients of lung carcinoma, over a period of two years, to study the clinical features, radiological manifestations and histological types of primary lung carcinoma. These were investigated according to a study protocol which included a detailed history regarding the onset and progress of the disease, smoking habits, detailed examination of the respiratory system, routine laboratory investigations, chest roentgenogram, computed tomography of thorax, fibreoptic bronchoscopy and others. The mean age of the patients was 55.94 years (range 29 to 85 years). Eighty seven percent were males. The smoker to non-smoker ratio was 3.9:1. The average duration of symptoms was three months. Cough was the most common presenting symptom (90%). A history of anti-tubercular treatment was present in 42.5% patients. A mass lesion was the most common radiological finding (30.6%), followed by collapse consolidation in 13.5%. Combination presentation was observed in 43.5% patients. Squamous cell carcinoma presented more commonly as a central mass (75%), while adenocarcinoma as peripheral mass lesion (64.5%). Squamous cell carcinoma was the most common histological type diagnosed (45.3%) although adenocarcinoma was the more common in females (39.1%) and non-smokers (51.4%). In India Squamous cell carcinoma is still the most common cell type. Carcinoma lung is still being misdiagnosed as tuberculosis and many patients are wrongly put on antitubercular treatment. Thus there is a need to create awareness about carcinoma lung among the general practitioners.
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