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Title: “We Don't Seem To Find the Ulnar Artery in This Cadaver”: An Aberrant Origin of Ulnar Artery.
Authors: Mazyala, Erick J
Ndibalema, Mary
Kimwaga, Emmanuel
Msuya, Sifael
Lukanima, Antony
Magelle, Ndulu
Joshua, Mathayo
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Citation: Mazyala Erick J, Ndibalema Mary, Kimwaga Emmanuel, Msuya Sifael, Lukanima Antony, Magelle Ndulu, Joshua Mathayo. “We Don't Seem To Find the Ulnar Artery in This Cadaver”: An Aberrant Origin of Ulnar Artery. Academia Anatomica International. 2017 Jan-June; 3(1): 5-10.
Abstract: Aberrant origin of ulnar artery that potentially changes its normal anatomical relationship is considerable rare. But when present, it must never be overlooked before carrying invasive procedures on the anteromedial aspect of the arm and forearm by the clinician. This would avoid unprecedented iatrogenic loss of part or entire distal part of the upper limb due to loss of arterial blood supply. While doing the normal dissection of the left upper limb on the 35 year old female cadaver, medical students saw a strangely and superficially placed ulnar artery that arose from the brachial artery way up within the upper part of the middle 3rd of the arm. This superficial ulnar artery coursed within the deep brachial and antebrachial fascia, making it superficial to all flexor muscles of the flexor compartment of the forearm. It only resumes its normal course at the wrist joint distally. The brachial artery coursed normally and bifurcated at the cubital fossa to give radial artery laterally and common interosseous artery medially. On the other hand, the right upper limb had normal arterial patterning.
ISSN: 2455-5274
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