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Title: Stature estimation of modern Thais from long bones: A cadaveric study.
Authors: Pureepatpong, Natthamon
Sangiampongsa, Arraya
Lerdpipatworakul, Tanongsak
Sangvichien, Sanjai
Keywords: stature
long bone
modern Thai
regression equation
unknown sex
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Citation: Pureepatpong Natthamon, Sangiampongsa Arraya, Lerdpipatworakul Tanongsak, Sangvichien Sanjai. Stature estimation of modern Thais from long bones: A cadaveric study. Siriraj Medical Journal, 2012 Jan; 64(suppl): 22-25.
Abstract: Objective: The lengths of long bones of adult skeletons are commonly used to estimate stature. The regression equations for calculating stature were established from the relationship between the height and the length of long bones. Methods: We measured 275 adults, ranging in age from 25 to 97 years. The length of six long bones; humerus, radius, ulna, femur, tibia and fibula were measured out. For both femur and tibia, they were measured in 2 different methods; maximum length and anatomical length. Microsoft Excel 2003 and Minitab 14, a statistical computer software (α = 0.05) were used to calculate and establish the regression equations for stature estimation of three groups of the differently sexual identification; male, female and unknown sex. Results: The length of two long bones, especially femur (max) + tibia (max) provides the most accuracy of stature estimation in all three groups. For the one long bone length, femur is the most accurate in every group. Conclusion: The overall of the results show that the upper extremities present the accuracy of stature estimation more than the lower extremities (except femur) in the male group. On the other hand, femur, tibia and fibula of the female group provide more accurate stature estimation than the upper extremities.
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