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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-19810.5 percent silver nitrate in treatment of burns.Agrawal, B R; Yemul, V L; Khairatkar, S N
Nov-20140.5% Proparacain hydrochloride for clear corneal phacoemulsification in patients with co-morbid conditions.Joshi, Rajesh Subhash
Oct-20130.5% Proparacain hydrochloride for clear corneal phacoemulsification in patients with co-morbid conditions.Kokkayil, Prathyusha; Rawre, Jyoti; Malhotra, Neena; Dhawan, Benu
1-Jan-19761,3-Bistertiary-aminomethyl pyrrocolines, a new class of hypotensive agents.Singh, G B; Gupta, C M; Nityanand, S; Srimal, R C; Nand, N; Dhawan, B N
Apr-2014(1-3)(1-6)-D-glucans Modulate Immune Status and Blood Glucose Levels in Dogs.Vetvicka, Vaclav; Oliveira, Carlos
1-Aug-19691-isopropylimidazolidine-2-thione: clinical evaluation of a new antithyroid drug.Ahuja, M M; Rao, M A
Jul-2013A 1-year-old male child with recurrent respiratory infections since birth.Mutreja, Deepti; Kotru, Mrinalini; Tyagi, Seema
14-Jun-20061/f correlations in viral genomes--a Fast-Fourier Transformation (FFT) Study.Rekha, T Shashi; Mitra, Chanchal K
1-Apr-1987A 10 year retrospective study of esophageal cancer from 1974-1983 in Punjab.Prabhakar, B R; Maingi, K
1-Jan-197610-Day rule for diagnostic radiologyKyaw Aung; Ku Aung Gyi; Khin Maung Tin
Nov-2008A 10-year experience of managing acute limb ischaemia in India.Turel, Mazda; Kumar, Prabhu Prem; Stephen, Edwin; Agarwal, Sunil
Mar-2013A 10-year retrospective study on odontogenic tumors in Iran.Taghavi, Nasim; Rajabi, Moones; Mehrdad, Leili; Sajjadi, Samad
1-Jun-1993A 10-year review of maternal mortality in Chon Buri Hospital, Thailand.Pinchun, P; Chullapram, T
4-Feb-200710-year Survival Rate of Laryngeal Cancer Patients in Maharat Nakhon Ratchsima HospitalPhairuch Changprayad
22-Nov-200010. Statistical inference from quantitative data : comparison of means and other locations.Indrayan, A; satyanarayana, L
1-May-1969100 Patients of acute myocardial infarction treated in an intensive coronary care unit.Datey, K K; Nathwani, A N; Shah, R M; Deshmukh, M M
1-Feb-1997100 years of Widal test & its reappraisal in an endemic area.Shukla, S; Patel, B; Chitnis, D S
1-Jun-1965A 100-Curie Cs 137 unit--physical aspects.Lakshmanan, A V; Paul, K; Vanithamony, V
Sep-20111064 nm Q switched Nd: YAG laser treatment of nevus of Ota: An Indian open label prospective study of 50 patients.Kar, Hemanta Kumar; Gupta, Lipy
Apr-2014The 10th Brazilian Congress on Bioethics.BRUNO, RODOLFO; SCHLEMPER, J R